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Much like how people remember exactly where they were when they found out O.J. Simpson was acquitted; folks will always recall the moment Beyonce released her video for “Formation.”

For me, it was in my bedroom, on a group text with co-workers, praising the pop star for speaking out about some of society’s ills. But according to Saturday Night Live, White people will always remember the day as the moment Beyonce turned Black.

On Saturday, the popular late night television show ran a parody trailer showcasing the moment White people found out Bey was “unapologetically Black.”

“For White people, it was just another great week. They never saw it coming,” the parody trailer states. “They had no warning. Then the day before the Super Bowl it happened. Beyonce turned Black.”

According to SNL, 24 hours before the super bowl, it was pure chaos and pandemonium for White people after feeling like the song wasn’t for them. Oh and the term “hot sauce in my bag swag” was just too much for the demographic to swallow.

“We have to leave America,” a woman in the trailer says to a Black woman. “Beyonce is Black.” The trailer even poked fun at Kerry Washington, suggesting that she too “may be Black.”

See the clip below:

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