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“Once you go Black” isn’t a euphemism limited to White women and Black men, just ask Rob Kardashian. The reality TV star is kicking sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe to the curb for his new big booty model girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

In an Instagram post shared last night, Rob joked that all the crazy monkey sex he’s having with Chyna has him completely content with dropping his disapproving family.


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Good for you, bruh. And for those of you just reading about these characters for the first time, Blac Chyna also has a child with rapper Tyga, who is currently dating Rob’s sister, Kylie … so yeah … kind of incestuous … not really … but really. Regardless, Rob and Chyna seem very happy to have found each other. Both have been busy sharing their affinity for one another on social media, all the evidence we need to know it’s real.

Good Morning 😩😍

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Happy Valentine's Day 💙💙

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