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Rhymefest wants everyone to know he loves his friend Kanye West. Despite his series of tweets Saturday evening where he proclaimed Ye needed help, both spiritual and mentally, Rhymefest told HipHollywood that he just wants his friend to be happy.

“A lot of people try and tear Kanye down, and I just don’t want to be used like that because I am a friend. I knew Kanye before he was famous, and I’ll know him when the lights go out. I want my friend to be happy, I want him to be at peace.”

“I’m not trying to air him out, or throw shots, drink tea and throw shade,” he added. “You know I work with a lot of young people in Chicago and the key to happiness is just being at peace. So I want my friend to be at peace and I congratulate him on his album, and I’m glad he’s doing well.”

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