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It may seem hard to believe if you’ve ever seen video of a movie premiere, but there is actually a sort of red carpet etiquette that reporters, producers and photographers are expected to adhere to. Unfortunately for Raven-Symoné, one producer skipped etiquette training, leaving the TV host feeling some kind of way.

Raven explained on The View that she was in the middle of being interviewed at the New York premiere of Zoolander II when a producer physically shoved her out of the way to make room for Kendall Jenner. “I understand that there’s rise and fall of people’s celebrity,” the former Cosby star explained. “I get it and I respect people that get it, HOWEVER, I’m doing an interview with someone and the producer of this show goes like this, ‘Move! Move! Get Kendall! Get out of the way!”

The rude act, understandably so, didn’t sit well with Raven who offered up some advice to the violent red carpet monster person. “You could have kindly [said], ‘Excuse me. Kendall Jenner is coming. I need to interview her,’ and I [would] wait, but don’t slap me upside the chest … I got hit twice.”

To which Kendall replied …

OK, we’re kidding about the last bit.

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