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Talk about diving right in, Chris Rock did not desist from discussing the diversity controversy in Hollywood during Sunday night’s 88th Academy Awards.

Rock kicked off the monologue by addressing the lack of diversity in this year’s nominees. “But this is the wildest, craziest Oscars to ever host, because we’ve got all this controversy,” he said. “No, no black nominees, you know, and people are like ‘Chris, you should boycott. Chris, you should quit. You should quit.'”

He continued, “How come there’s only unemployed people that tell you to quit something, you know? No one with a job ever tells you to quit.”

The comedian then went on to discuss the decision to boycott the awards show, an action Jada Pinkett Smith, Snoop Dogg and Spike Lee all took part in. “Now the thing is, Why are we protesting? The big question: Why this Oscars? Why this Oscars, you know.” he asked. It’s the 88th Academy Awards. It’s the 88th Academy Awards, which means this whole no black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times. O.K.?

“You gotta figure that it happened in the 50s, in the 60s — you know, in the 60s, one of those years Sidney didn’t put out a movie,” Chris joked. “I’m sure there were no black nominees some of those years. Say ‘62 or ‘63, and black people did not protest.”

Then Rock answered the question we’ve all been wondering: Is Hollywood racist? “Is it burning-cross racist? No. Is it fetch-me-some-lemonade racist? No. No, no, no. It’s a different type of racist,” he said.

And after telling a story about going to an Obama fundraiser, the actor suggested, “That’s right. Is Hollywood racist? You’re damn right Hollywood is racist. But it ain’t that racist that you’ve grown accustomed to. Hollywood is sorority racist. It’s like, ‘We like you Rhonda, but you’re not a Kappa.'”

He added, “But things are changing. Things are changing.”

As you can imagine, several celebrities spoke out about Rock’s monologue and the general consensus, he killed it. Click to see some reactions by stars such as Amy Schumer, Demi Lovato and Aisha Tyler.

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