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The United States of America isn’t the only country with deep racial issues, Brazil is also making international headlines over its treatment of people with richer skin complexions. Meet Brazilian actress Nayara Justino who says becoming a carnival queen in her country is a difficult task if you’re not white.

“There are very few Black women who become carnival queens. White women with straight hair and a good body make more commercial sense,” she explains in a Guardian documentary. In 2013, Nayara won the title of Globeleza carnival queen changing her life instantly.

“People came on my Facebook page, calling me ‘monkey’ and ‘darkie’ … it was the racism that hurt me most of all. And the racism wasn’t just from White people, it came from Black people too”, she reveals. Nayara says the backlash from Brazilians over her victory led to her being relieved of her crown.

You can find out what happened following that by watching the documentary above.

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