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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Timbaland is taking that sentiment to heart after the debacle of his first charity attempt happened just a week ago. You may remember that a Detroit club accused the rapper of bailing on a performance, that was supposed to help the residents affected by the Flint Water Crisis, because he was given the wrong bottles of champagne. Tim clapped back saying he was never scheduled to perform. Even though the back and forth between Club Bleu got messy, the event still raised $3,000.

Now, it looks like Timbaland and the club have worked things out and are willing to give it another go round. Bleu’s owner, Mitchell Jaworski stated, “After speaking with Timbaland, we are pleased that any previous misunderstandings have been talked through and we are able to move forward for the greater good benefiting the people of Flint. We are very proud to be an active partner in this effort and that our venue, Bleu Detroit, is hosting this upcoming event. By working together, we hope that we can help the people of Flint in their time of need.”

The event is slated to take place on March 4th and will include a performance by Timbaland and guests. Ticket sales from the event will go to help the residents of Flint, and Timbaland has also promised to make a donation, as well. The “Empire” music producer stated, “I’m looking forward to returning to Detroit for this benefit performance. It has always been about the people of Flint, Michigan so I am grateful to be able to donate even more to address this crisis.”

All’s well, that ends well.

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