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Our staff here at HipHollywood is sad to report that we’ve failed at our first celebrity matchmaking attempt. Jordin Sparks and Sage the Gemini’s relationship is over according to multiple sources, womp womp. Both artists have deleted pictures of the other off their personal Instagram accounts, all the evidence you need these days that a tryst has crossed into rocky waters.

Sage and Jordin have also not been seen together in public since 2015 and if those receipts aren’t enough to convince you of the split, a person close to the two confirmed to Us Weekly that the relationship is over.

HipHollywood helped played matchmaker with the two last year during separate interviews with Jordin and Sage. Sparks revealed during a sit-down interview at our office that her celebrity crush was Sage and a few days later, we informed Sage of Jordin’s remarks leading them into a short-lived romantic affair.

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