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Sooooo, Jason channeled his inner D’Angelo and stripped all the way down in his latest video “Naked”. With equally naked leading lady K. Michelle, the visual is quite seductive.

But what caught us completely off guard was his not-so-subtle diss towards his ex, Jordin Sparks.
“Yeah I broke up with my ex, I ain’t talk to her since / The only time I need the “Sparks” is when I light up my spliffs.” The two broke-up quite a while ago, so it’s unclear why he’s still taking shots, but whatevs.

The “Naked” video marks Derulo’s directorial debut and he also premieres his rap skills in the song, too. The sexy single is from his new “experimental” mixtape, a project he says is different than anything else he’s ever done.

“[This mixtape] is very different than what anybody is used to me doing, which I’m excited about,” Derulo said. “I think we all have different faces. We’re somebody different when we’re with our best friend. We’re somebody different when we’re with our mom. We’re somebody different when we’re with our siblings. This is just one of my many faces on my mixtape and I’m just excited to share it with everybody, because people have no idea that I have that side.”

Take a look at “Naked” below and let us know your thoughts. Not the nasty thoughts though, keep it PG, people!

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