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George Clooney Talks Diversity … Again: “It Was a Hell of a lot Worse in the 1950s”



George Clooney along with the Coen Brothers are poking a little fun at Hollywood’s Golden Age in their new film Hail Caesar. In the film Clooney plays 1950s movie star Baird Whitlock who ends up being kidnapped by a group of disgruntled screenwriters, who also happen to be Communist.
HipHollywood caught up with George Clooney about the film, and also talked about his Variety article where he slammed the Academy for it’s lack of diversity. Clooney reiterated his disappointment with this years’ Oscar nominations, but said it was a lot worse in 1950 when Hail Caesar was set.
“It’s not just the Academy, its everything,” said Clooney. “From literally, starting at the agencies all the way down, I think we need more diversity to give some options for people for performances, but it was a hell of a lot worse in the 1950s I’ll tell you that.”

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