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Recently, Anthony Hamilton has been serenading his Instagram followers with the sweet sounds of his majestic voice, but now, it’s time for the singer to take on The First Lady herself.

Hamilton is set to perform at the White House on February 24 and to make sure he pleases the President and his lady, there are three things Hamilton needs tackle.

During Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala, the singer revealed to HipHollywood exclusively that first thing is first, “I’m going to make sure my shoes are really really dope. And I have crispy shirt.”

Number two, it’s all about the confidence. “Make sure I know all my words and make sure I’m really into the song … You just take it all in, breathe before you walk in and step like you own it.” And number three is the most important: Serenading Michelle Obama.

“You have to,” he told us.

Aside from gearing up for a performance of a lifetime, Hamilton is also prepping for his return to Fox’s Empire and the release of his upcoming album, What I’m Feeling, which is set to drop on February 25.

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