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TV One’s new project “The Next 15” is unlike an other reality show you’ve ever seen before.

Yes, there will be drama, cat fights and probably a drink or two thrown in someone’s face. But this time around, they’re breaking the fourth wall and showing you everything that happens behind the scenes.

So what does that mean for viewers? An unprecedented look at what really happens in the making of a reality show. The show’s cast includes Jennifer Williams (Basketball Wives), New York (Flavor of Love, I Love New York), Benzino (Love & Hip Hop ATL), Laura Govan (Basketball Wives LA), Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Karamo Brown (The Real World: Philadelphia). HipHollywood spoke to the latter two, who spilled all the tea about their cast mates … here’s a few tidbits.

Is New York an alcoholic?: “We’re going to get to see New York’s issue with alcohol and how that plays into her having self esteem issues and wanting to be on reality TV and feeling like ‘I have to perform’,” Karamo shared.

Jennifer Williams is not who you think she is: “You see Jennifer Williams who you think is a very classy, quiet woman, who turns out to be ratchet and two-faced in a lot of scenes,” the former “Real World” star continued.

Laura Govan shows us her vulnerable side: “Laura Govan who you thought was going to be the turn up queen, you see as a devoted mother,” Karamo revealed.

Benzino’s downward spiral: “As the episodes start to shift you see a different side of him,” Brown stated.

Make sure you catch all the tea and shade when “The Next 15” airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on TV One.

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