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From the moment Cardi B stepped on the Love & Hip Hop set, she was an instant fan favorite. The former stripper had already amassed quite the following with her unfiltered, yet hilariously funny Instagram page, but now Cardi is practically a household name.

HipHollywood sat down with the reality star and dished on what goes down in her DMs, what her dating life is like and if she plans on still getting married in jail.

Surprisingly, Ms. B told us she doesn’t even check her DMs! “I get like 2,000, or 1,000 messages a day so I can’t even deal with it.” And although Cardi has a main boo, who is currently incarcerated, she still dates … well, tries to. “It’s really hard for me to date, it’s really hard for me to like somebody … every guy I’ve ever date I met them in the strip club.”

At one point, Cardi did admit that she wanted to marry her main guy and have the ceremony in prison. But, it seems as though she’s changed her tune on that one. When asked if she still had plans on heading down the jailhouse aisle she stated, “I don’t think so and it’s not because it’s prison, I just didn’t realize a marriage is.”

Make sure you check back for part two of our sit-down with Cardi B. where she gives Kanye West a little advice, weighs in on the Peter Gunz love triangle and opens up about her own love triangle standards.

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