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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton just took to Instagram to share his first post with fans following his Super Bowl 50 defeat. In that post, the NFL’s reigning MVP remains unapologetic for his behavior following the game, saying he refuses to conform for those uncomfortable with his bravado and unrelenting swag.

I will continue to work on improving each day trying to perfect in all my imperfection … I will win … my way … and hope to inspire you all to win … your way,” Cam writes in his photo’s caption. “Don’t be a puppet. Stay true to you.”

Cam was heavily criticized for abruptly leaving his Super Bowl 50 post game press conference. That move sent privileged reporters into a complete tailspin, questioning the quarterback’s professionalism.

While Tom Brady and other athletes have committed the same act, Cam’s departure particularly infuriated former NFL player Bill Romanowski who in a racist move, called the Black athlete a “boy” on Twitter. “You will never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn’t revolve around you, boy!” he tweeted.

Romanowski is the same player that fought with teammates, kicked Larry Centers in the head in 1995, spit on San Francisco 49er receiver J.J. Stokes in 1997, and ripped Eddie George’s helmet off in 2002 … an all-around class act. His words and those of so many others don’t seem to bother Cam though who adds in his caption, “Pursuing greatness is my commitment, and I will continue to be true to myself, to my family and to making all of you who follow me PROUD!”

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