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The irony of Wendy Williams being disgusted by seeing a woman breastfeeding in public, while we have all been subjected to her traumatizing bikini pics is, well, hilarious. But, alas, here we are listening to Ms. Wendy grill Alyssa Milano on her firm stance on normalizing breastfeeding.

Milano stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and opened up about the hurtful comments she receives from her breastfeeding post on Instagram. That’s when Williams decided to add insult to injury and told Alyssa that she, too is one of the people offended by her pics. Thankfully, the actress put Wendy in her place by pointing out her hypocrisy and the fact that she’s ok with seeing Miley Cyrus’ barely covered boobs, but uncomfortable with a baby doing what’s natural.

It’s awesome and you should watch it.

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