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Tichina Arnold, the actress who says she has a  “vintage vagina,” once revealed that she was completely fine with her husband cheating on her. That might be shocking to some this morning after the actress put her husband on blast for doing just that with multiple women.

Back in 2013, the Everybody Hates Chris actress did an interview with The Breakfast Club where she was asked if she was OK with her husband Rico Hines getting some side action. “I hope he wouldn’t [cheat] but all men do cheat, a lot of them don’t mean it. They’re genetically just different. Women cheat, but we cheat better,” she joked.

Arnold was also asked if she would stay with Hines if she learned that he was unfaithful to her. “We gonna talk about it. Why would I leave him if he cheats?” she questioned before adding a sentence that may explain why she’s now divorcing the basketball coach. “He cannot be a repeat offender, if you are a repeat offender then nah.”

According to TMZ, Arnold sent a mass text message to her friends and family claiming Hines had cheated on her with over 20 women and even filmed his unprotected exploits. “A lot of times people are just ruled by their genitals, their penises,” the actress added in her Breakfast Club interview, a note her now estranged hubby would certainly second.

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