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No clueless reference will ever effectively encapsulate just how foolish King magazine butt model Stacey Dash is. The Fox News talking HEAD is being ridiculed this week after saying BET and Black History Month should be abolished, much like her acting career was post 1995. BET was quick to clap back at the 2011 NAACP Image Awards presenter, asking her to return her paycheck for work on The Game, a show which aired on their network.

Dash’s ridiculous comment is just another chapter in the book of ignorance she’s penned over the years. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few additional incidents where the Playboy model puked all over television screens by opening her mouth. Before you do that though, keep in mind that Dash might merely be a mother of two desperately searching for relevancy and a pay check.

She’s proven time and again that she will say just about anything to keep her lights on, an entertainer that will endorse Pepsi today and Coke on Saturday … à la Dave Chappelle. Let’s not forget that she once proudly voted for Barack Obama. She’s also not a political scientist, sociologist or even a decent actress, so maybe we’re all giving her rhetoric too much credence. At worst, she’s a paid Republican troll and at best, a retired booty model.

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