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Some moron in Australia is making headlines today after rolling to the Australian Open dressed in Blackface. Even more shocking is that the woman photographed below appears to be a fan of Serena Williams, holding a “Keep Calm and be Serena” sign.

“Lost for words,” one person tweeted in response to the image, with another user adding, “WTF WHITE PEOPLE.”

The “fan” was in attendance for Serena’s semifinal match against Agnieszka Radwanska. Williams is scheduled to square off against Angelique Kerber during Saturday’s final.

Unfortunately, Blackface in tennis was also a hot topic back in 2015 when fans of Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios were enthusiastically spreading Vegemite and Nutella on their faces to show support for his Wimbledon run. Asked about the trend at the time, Williams said during a press conference, “I think you’re better asking the fans that question. Maybe they can give you some insight. And let me know, I’d be interested to know.” So would we.


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