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Everyone’s favorite rapper is back with a terrible new song titled, “Azillion.” Iggy Azalea debuted the track on Friday night and it’s already making waves because one of her lyrics seems to include her take on the n-word. On “Azillion”, the queen of cultural appropriation appears to rap:

“Who tryna get it, tryna get it with me? / From December to the motherfucking nigguary / Body bags putting covers in the cemetery.”

While it does sound like Iggy is saying “nigguary,” the official lyrics do not include the “n,” appearing as “igguary” instead. Many believe the Australian model is using the word to drop a racial epithet without being offensive, but you can skip along to the 1:40 mark below to decide for your yourself.

As for what an “igguary” is, you can read the rapper’s explanation below:

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