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It may feel like deja vu but we assure you it’s not. Reality TV star Draya Michele and her fiancé Orlando Scandrick have broken up again. Draya confirmed the split on her Instagram just moments ago, writing:

“I’ve been hurt, abandoned, lied on, and disrespected. I’ve realized you can’t change people. And the thing about rough times is, I’ve survived every single one. Today is a celebration for me …. I’ve made 6 months…. And I’m OK rejoicing alone. I have a son and another on the way, soon to be surrounded by two kings. Protectors.”

No word on why the couple is calling off their engagement but Draya appears to be hinting at dishonesty being a culprit. “Just be real as f*ck so you have no lies to keep up with. Makes life easy,” she also tweeted this morning.

Orlando doesn’t seem too worried about his ex sharing their private collection of tea online. This morning the athlete commented on Instagram that he was preoccupied with other issues this morning not named Draya. “I’m at work rehabbing my knee. Maybe you should go to work anyways. Have a good day,” he clapped back at a follower.

This isn’t the first time these two have called off their engagement or broken up. Back in July 2015, Orlando said he regretted proposing to the diva and dumped her. The two also broke up in May 2015, and August 2014.


Draya just revealed the reason that the recent she dumped her future baby’s father on Instagram, writing, “[He] wants to go to Vegas and act like [a] whore for the weekend and act like a dick the week before to force you to break up with them … I left. Gave back the ring and left … he just deleted photos.”

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