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New year, same Meek Mill. The Philadelphia rapper may have spent the latter half of 2015 being ridiculed for picking a fight with Drake on Twitter and then getting slaughtered lyrically by the Canadian emcee, but that isn’t keeping him for still throwing shade Drizzy’s way. Meek, who we want to see stopping taking Ls sooner rather than later, took to Instagram on Monday to throw some subliminal shade at mister “Back to Back.”

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Meek maintains that Drake is a fraud because he … allegedly … has ghostwriters pen his lyrics. Meeks fan meanwhile maintain that their hero should just move on with his life.

“Let it go, bro. Drake really on your mind? You really want to take more Ls this year from drake? Focus on your music man,” one follower commented on the image.

“Meek didn’t have enough losses in 2015, he wants to continue taking L’s into 2016. Bold move,” another writer added.

What do you all think? Should Meek just let it go, or should he continue going at Drake?

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