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Kanye West has been very active on Twitter; from posting new music to responding to the death of legend, David Bowie, the rapper seems to be more in touch with social media.

And now, Yeezy is using the major platform to help artist, Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, get the word out about his recent arrest. On Tuesday night, West posted an audio message (a freestyle) from Bey rapping about being detained in Africa.

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As previously reported, Mos was arrested in South Africa last week after attempting to leave the country using an “illegal document.” According to one official, Mos presented a “World Passport” to immigration officers at the Cape Town International Airport, an id he allegedly obtained off of the Internet.

“I committed no crime, any place, why yes police up in my face,” Bey, who is still detained, raps. “Why they lay in my place, why don’t I feel safe, this is not an expression of fear, this is just to make things clear, my nineties were pure in coming here.”

“I committed no crime, why is the state wasting my time,” he says. “They must be out of their minds.”

The rapper, who explains, “where I live is my choice, you can not mute my voice,” goes on to thank Kanye for being a “real friend;” clearly a play on from one of Yeezy’s latest track, “Real Friends.”

According to Bey, he is being “prevented from leaving” and officials are “making false claims against” him, including being accused of fictitious documents.

Def concluded by shouting out Kanye, Kendrick Lamar and by announcing his retirement. “I will be releasing my final album this year,” he says.

Listen to the full track here. 

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