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Justin Bieber And Other White Celebrities With Tacky Corn Rows



Justin Bieber, who is currently taking a break from pining over Selena Gomez by vacationing with Hailey Baldwin, is being ridiculed by some over a new hairdo. The Biebs posted this picture of himself on Monday rocking cornrows, something folks on Twitter and IG quickly skewered him over.

“Sigh, I am so tired of White celebrity’s appropriating our culture. The picture plus the caption. He’s trying so hard to be problematic,” one person wrote in his Instagram comments. “Some black people were shamed and made fun of when they wear cornrows but White people get praised when they do it. That isn’t right,” another user added.

Even without the criticism, the singer is well aware of how questionable the choice is, saying, “Hailey made me get corn rows like an absolute douche bag, these will be off tomorrow trust me, Danny.”

Regardless, Justin isn’t the only White celebrity to rock cornrows. We’ve compiled a gallery of others who’ve also done it starting with Kendall Jenner who wore the hairstyle last year while taking a stank face selfie.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.06.22 PM

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