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If you didn’t know Jermaine Dupri is on mission to find the next big rap star with his all-new unscripted series, The Rap Game. HipHollywood caught up with the hit-making producer about why he wanted to do the show, and why he’s still So So Def after over 25 years in the business.

“The idea was brought to me, and I didn’t really want anybody else to actually do something that ya’ll know that I do,” explained JD. “I didn’t want to do a reality show but I felt like this particular one was screaming my name.”

Executive produced by Queen Latifah and Dupri, the series follows five emerging young hip hop artists, Lil Niqo, Lil Poopy, Miss Mulatto, Supa Peach and Young Lyric, as they compete for the opportunity to be signed to JD’s label So So Def and drop an album.

And while Dupri has created hit records for Mariah Carey, Usher, and TLC (to name a few), he believes working with young artists has been the true key to his success.

“These kids they talk about so much stuff, and their minds are in so many different places,” said Dupri. “I have get to where they are in order to even talk to them, and be around them, and think about ideas to even promote this music, and even promote them as an artist. So that’s always been, I think, the lead I’ve had on everybody.”

You can see JD doing more of what he does best on The Rap Game every Friday at 10 PM ET/PT on Lifetime.


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