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A lot of folks are shocked and appalled by Stacey Dash’s recent Fox News interview except for maybe her former Single Ladies co-star LisaRaye. HipHollywood caught with the veteran actress who told us she’s not only NOT surprised by Dash’s statements, she (kind of) gets where she is coming from.

“I’m not surprised by what anyone says anymore,” said LisaRaye. “I kind of have my own shock value, but I kind of get it though. If we keep segregating ourselves, then we are going to have Black History Month, Latino History Month, Mexican History Month, and it’s going to be a long time before we are true melting pot, and embrace that.”

But while it may seem like LisaRaye agrees with Dash, she clarifies, that she is in no way here for abolishing Black History Month or BET. “I didn’t say I agree. I said I’m not shocked by what Ms. Stacey Dash has to say, or what anyone has to say. I do think we should still have a Black History Month, because it’s celebrating us, why not.”

LisaRaye who has been working behind the scenes directing and producing added that was she does support is African Americans creating more, and not waiting for Hollywood for opportunities. “Right now we are doing all that we can, we are saying hey we are setting up for our projects and showcasing our abilities and I’m for that, because I’m black.”

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