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Did DJ Khaled Just Learn The Costly Dangers Of Snapchat?



Snapchat King DJ Khaled learned a valuable lesson this week after he displayed his credit card information during one of his motivational snaps. According to one website, at least one person took that credit card information and made several purchases using the card number.

According to the report, the music producer lost “$80,000 in just 30 seconds.” “People who bought something with my card, all purchases are trackable, and you will be arrested,” Khaled allegedly stated in a followup video. “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and this is just another one,” he supposedly added.

Khaled has become one of the most popular snap chatters in the world thanks to his motivational speeches and celebrity friends. Fortunately for Khaled, reports of the credit card scam are bogus. The story originated from a satirical website and is in fact, not true despite being widely reported by multiple news outlets. You’d think an outlet titled Negros Against Hairline Abuse might be a give away, but we guess not.

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