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When it comes to dating, Rickey Smiley has a list of do’s and don’ts, but there is one that sticks out: If you can’t pay, don’t ask her out.

It’s true, there is nothing worse than going out on a date and being asked to either pay or for that matter, split a bill. Yes, it happens.

Smiley recently stopped by the HipHollywood loft to talk about his reality show Rickey Smiley For Real and while on the topic of his dating teenage sons, the radio host and comedian dished out some advice that many of ya’ll need to hear.

“If you can’t pay for a meal, you shouldn’t take nobody out on a date,” he told us.

Smiley then shared his thoughts on the new date night idea, “Netflix and chill.” “If you really interested in somebody, take her out for a nice dinner,” he explained. “Show her a good time”

Rickey joked, “‘Netfilx and chill’ is cheap … you probably doing ‘Netflix and chill’ at her place. You can’t even do ‘Netflix and chill’ at your place because you still live with your mama. He doin ‘Netflix and chili’ … Ya’ll watch a movie but your mama cooking some chili.”

Hey, if the chili is good, we can’t complain.

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