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Happy birthday Oprah Winfrey!

Today, January 29, the entertainment mogul is celebrating her 62nd birthday and instead of hanging out on a yacht or maybe her $14 million 8,700-square-foot pad in the ski resort town of Telluride, Colorado, Winfrey took a sunrise birthday hike with her OWN crew.

What a great way to celebrate . Grateful for the sunrise birthday hike from #ownpack !

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And while we are sure she will be getting showered with gifts later, the entertainment mogul has plenty of love coming from fans, fellow celebrities and even HipHollywood’s Kevin Frazier.

Frazier shared a sweet, personalized message via Intagram explaining how Oprah has helped shape his career.

“This woman … Is one of a kind… There are all the things you know from watching her on tv, reading her articles and following her life but here’s what I know … From the first day that I arrived at ET, a sports dude trying to figure out this entertainment game she has always looked out for me.”

“No matter where, no matter what hour … She would stop to talk … Pull me into a event … Make sure I got what I needed … She has always Made sure I was successful … I’ve seen her glance over and make sure I was alright or give me the ‘you straight’ nod.”

He continued, “She has welcomed me into her circle for so many special occasions and opened my eyes to so many things … My very first day back she was the one who went on camera and welcomed me home on @entertainmenttonight she didn’t have to do that … But she did … She always does … I understand that part of my success is thanks to her and I appreciate @Oprah every single day… Happy Birthday O!!!! And thank you!”

We’d be remised to say Oprah has led the path for so many of us. And to that … cheers, thank you and happy birthday!

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