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If you love 90’s hip-hop, then VH1’s upcoming television movie is just for you.

Starring Wood Harris and Antoine Harris, The Breaks follows three friends trying to fulfill their passion in the music industry.

Taking place in the summer of 1990, the movie brings a sense of nostalgia that even the stars could not resist. “The era felt present,” Wood told HipHollywood exclusively. “That’s the wonderful thing about hip hop … it such a youth preserving art form.”

As for the music, Antoine explained to HipHollywood that there was a “bar” considering Premier did the score. “Unreal,” Antoine used to describe the music.

And considering this is movie about hip-hop, we had to ask the film’s stars how they felt about Billboard’s recent controversial list of the top 10 rappers; which by the way did not include Tupac Shakur.

According to Wood, the list was done to “have controversy,” meanwhile, Antoine could not resist revealing who would land in his top 10. “When Billboard puts a stamp on something like that, if you’re making a top ten list and 2Pac isn’t on it, that should say a lot about hip hop and Billboard right now.”

He added, “If I had to make a top ten, I would have to say Pac before I get into my top three.”

The Breaks, also starring Mack Wilds, Method Man and Afton Williamson premieres on Jan 4 on VH1.

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