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Why Will Smith Isn’t That Excited About His Golden Globe Nomination



When it comes to awards season, Will Smith is of the mind set, been there done that. The 47-year-old actor recently nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for best actor for his role in Concussion, but told us he’s more focused on promoting his latest film than celebrating his latest nomination.

“It’s always great to be nominated. When people appreciate the work you’ve done it’s always a great feeling,” said Smith. “The film has so many other purposes, ideas and concepts around it that I’m trying to stay out of the awards lust. You can kind of get sucked into that cravenness … I’m honored but trying not to be excited.”

Smith garnered a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for his roles in The Pursuit of Happiness and Ali. Now he is getting praise for his role as Dr. Bennett Omalu, the forensic pathologist who discovered a connection between football injuries and brain damage. Concussion hits theaters December 25.

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