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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler just may be the coolest comedians in Hollywood, but the Saturday Night Live alums confessed to HipHollywood during the press day for their latest film Sisters that they weren’t so popular back in high school.  “I was Brinda,” laughed Fey, referring to Maya Rudolph’s nosey and nerdy character in the film. “Let’s face it, I was Maya’s character.”

“I threw a couple of parties, they weren’t ragers,” added Poehler. “A few things happened but nothing too major.”

But in the film the two prove they can throw one heck of a house party right before their parents sell their childhood home.  “It’s this fun experience of who you were in High School can you get back to that, can you recapture that feeling and if you had a party as an adult what would you do differently,” explained Poehler.

And while we were on the subject of who you were in High School, the ladies also hilariously told us what they think some popular celebs were voted back in High School, like Kanye, Beyonce and … Donald Trump. Check it out.

Sisters is in theaters December 18.


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