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What if Richard Sherman is really Waka Flocka and Waka Flocka is really Richard Sherman? Our staff was left pondering that question after a Seattle man posted a picture on his Facebook highlighting his meeting of Richard Sherman, or at least, a man he believed was the Seahawks defensive player.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on where you stand in this game of conspiracy theory, after posting the snap, Linien Cabanada was shown the error of his ways as friends noted that the man he was photographed with was Waka Flocka … not Richard Sherman.

Dumbfounded perhaps? Justifiably so as both men are both tall, Black and rock dreads. Easy mixup since we all look alike anyway. We kid, we don’t really all look alike. Save the emails. As for Linien, he has since corrected his caption, but maybe the original was right all along. Only the universe knows.

Waka Flocka 🙂

Posted by Linien Cabanada on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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