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Keyshia Cole is making a huge lifestyle change: No MORE MEAT!

The singer took to Instagram on Thursday morning to reveal her big plan to refrain from indulging in flesh.

“I’ve decided to begin the process of completely refraining from eating meat,” Cole wrote in a lengthy message. “This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.”

She continued, “I know this is gonna be tuff of course, because of the habits and way of life that I’m used to. But like anything, I know this can be done. If you have any healthy tips that may assist me in my transition, can you pls list below??? Just wanna know from actual people who me be vegetarian.”

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Cole is not the only celebrity who has publicly spoken out about changing their eating habits. Back in 2013, Jay Z announced that he and Beyonce would be embarking on a 22 day vegan challenge.

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