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In Case You Cared … Kim Kardashian Has Lost 17 Pounds Since Giving Birth



Kim Kardashian kept her fans well informed during her pregnancy journey, and now, the reality star is folks up to date on her post pregnancy journey.

Kardashian, who gave birth to her son, Saint, on December 5, revealed via live stream on Monday night that she has already lost 17 pounds, which if you are a mother, you’ll know that is pretty standard following your pregnancy.

During the stream, Kim sat with Caitlyn Jenner while whipping up a Chicago deep-dish pizza. Don’t worry; Kim kept from indulging because she is trying to get back to her goal weight. While talking with Jenner, Kardashian revealed that she was 130 pounds when she got preggers and gained 60 during. “I almost died,” she said.

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And now that she is on the fast track to shedding the lbs, her main goal is to get to 124 pounds, the reality star was when she married, Kanye West.

As or when we will see the mother of two, she says hopefully soon. “It’s not even about how I look … no makeup and sweats. I know I have been on social media a little bit, but I wanted this time to not have to care or post something about myself.”

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