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The Game just can’t stop talking about Stitches and last week’s big knock out.

As previously reported, Game’s rap nemesis was knocked out by the Los Angeles native’s manager while outside a club in Miami. But after a week of poking fun at the rapper, who got bruised up pretty badly, Jayceon Taylor, Game’s legal name, is STILL talking about it.

During Taylor’s Blazers Cup show in San Bernardino on Saturday night, the 36-year-old and his boys demonstrated how Stitches got hit to the ground. “Take your phones out right now,” he told the crowd. “Im going to show you how it happened. We gonna reenact this sh*t.”

After the reenactments, Game made sure to say,”that n*gga went to sleep.”

But we want to know: When does it get too much? Should Game still be talking about it or should he let it go?

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