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Gone are the days when Aubrey O’day and Shannon Bex had to deal with drama with their former Danity Kane bandmate, Dawn Richard. They’ve formed the group Dumblonde and are moving forward with their musical ambitions and leaving the past in the past.

When Dumblonde stopped by the HipHollywood loft, the duo revealed they had no desire to reach out to Dawn and stated the only thing that would need to be said at this point is “an apology and probably recognition or acknowledgement for the truth of what we had been through.” But, let’s be clear, they’re not holding their breath for that to happen.

Instead, they are putting all their energy into their new music which they describe as “alternative pop.” Dumblonde has released four singles with accompanying videos, a debut album and have tour dates planned through out the country. And if you’re worried that the pair may break-up, as all of their other groups before them have, they say, “we’re happy, if we’re gonna make music we’re gonna make it together.”

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