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[Brandy] Excuse me, can I please talk to you for a minute
[Monica] uh huh, sure, you know you look kinda familiar
[Brandy] Yeah, you do too but, umm,
I just wanted to know do you know
somebody named you,
you know his name.
[Monica] Oh, yeah definitely I know his name.
[Brandy] I just wanted to let you know he’s mine.
[Monica] no, he’s mine.

Come on, you know it! Brandy and Monica’s major late 90’s hit “The Boy Is Mine” was every teenage girls jam. We all knew the words by heart, even having sleepovers to the track with our friends.

But while we were all rocking out to the song, it appeared as though the duo’s duet feud leaked into their personal lives. But according to Monica, it was all because of what started off as a marketing plan.

Monica recently stopped by HuffPost Live and explained “It started off as brilliant marketing and what started to happen was people started creating these skits and then our fans divided and it became this really real thing.”

The singer, who is getting ready to drop her album Code Red, also explained her thoughts on the rumored remake that is supposed to be done by Jessie J and Ariana Grande. “I was brought into that record by Brandy and [producer] Rodney Jerkins, and I feel like they know the origin of it, so if that’s something that they’re comfortable with, then I would be too,” she said. “I’m a person that just believes in respect. I’m very big on that, so that would be a conversation I would have to have with the two of them about how they felt about it.”

What do you think: Would Jessie J and Ariana do the song justice?

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