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Patti LaBelle stopped by New York’s The Breakfast Club on Monday morning and gave one of the best interviews of the year.

Throughout the course of the near 25-minute chat, the iconic singer, who is making headlines these days for her Sweet Potato Pies, referred to herself in third person, threw some shade and even named dropped.

Here are the top five most hilarious quotes from the 71-year-old’s interview.

  1. ON THE SELLING OUT OF PIES: “We are trying to find the potatoes to bake the pies,” she said about the pies that are in high demand. “I asked Oprah if she had any potatoes on her farm because Ms. Patti can’t find the potato to make the pie.”
  2. ON HER HEALTH: “I’ve been menopausal for twenty years. I’m flashin like crazy right now … I don’t take anything, I flash like real women.”
  3. ON LOOKING GOOD AT THE AIRPORT: “I’m ever not looking good,” the singer said. “I wake up with my face, then I put whatever hair I want, then I’ll touch the lip … When Patti gets up I make sure I get through the airport looking clean … You will never catch me at the supermarket looking … I don’t wear jogging suits.”
  4. ON DOING DANCING WITH THE STARS: “It hurt me. A lot of my friends go on the show and they lose body parts.” She went on to say that she would do it again.
  5. ON WHETHER OR NOT SHE WOULD COLLABORATE WITH FETTY WAP: “Fetty Wap, I love that boy, with the one eye?! I love him, he gangsta. I would do that in a heartbeat.”

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