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In the new flick Creed Tessa Thompson plays a Philadelphia bred singer, so it’s no surprise the actress says she channeled Jill Scott, the Queen Philly Jawn, for the role.

HipHollywood caught up with Tessa, who plays Bianca in the Ryan Coogler directed film, and she told us all about her preparation, which included recording original music for the film, getting down a real Philly girl accent, and listening to lots of Jill Scott albums.

“I hung out in beauty salons, made voice memos of women talking, I listened to Jill Scott speak, and I watched interviews of her,” revealed Thompson. “She was a big reference point for me.”

She added, “The two women who did my hair, Carla and Sidney, two snaps to them, because we’d sit for 7 hours and they’d help me with my accent.”

Thompson also flexed her vocal chops in the film telling us she had to sing for the role of Micheal B. Jordan’s girlfriend. Check out the full video above and if you haven’t seen Creed, it’s in theaters now.



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