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Earlier this year, TLC created a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their last and final album. The group needed to raise a whopping 150k and thanks to thousands of fans, the ladies reached their goal … and then some.

But what was supposed to be a project delivered by mid-October has become more of what fans are considering an empty promise.

Many have taken to social media to express their anger after donating a certain amount of coins to the campaign. The controversy has even sparked the hashtag, #TLCIsGoingToJailParty.

But the dozens of tweets and memes hitting the web are not fazing TLC at all.

“Y’all sound ridiculous we’re I n the damn studio recording it,” T-Boz tweeted on Sunday night to a fan asking for her money back.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.59.05 PM:

The singer wrote to another fan asking for $5 back:

“Call Kickstarter and tell em yo give it bk,” she wrote.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.02.02 PM

But despite some of the jokes and comments, it’s worth noting that back in September, TLC did update their fans explaining that a LP wouldn’t be dropping until next year.

“After seeing and greeting so many of you on our tour this summer, we took a short break and now we are in the studio recording our new album with Ron Fair, coming out in 2016. The music is coming out great and it’s only with your support of TLC on Kickstarter that this is possible,” the website read. “We thank you and promise that we will continue rolling out all the Kickstarter prizes except the album by mid-October. We are moving the album back to 2016, so that we will have more time to finish the record the TLC way. Thanks as always for your love and support and we can’t wait to deliver a new record and tour next year.”

The ladies were extremely excited to involve their fans in the album making process and Chilli spoke to HipHollywood about it back in February.

“It’s right up TLC’s alley in terms of doing things outside the box,” she said. “This was a great platform to us to do this new album and do it with our fans without any extra voices. It’s about the connection with our fans because they’re the ones that want this album. Not to say that we don’t want to record new music, but they are definitely the motivation behind all of this for us.”

The group even promised a sleepover with Katy Perry for those who donated over a certain amount.

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