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Folks have no problem pushing boundaries, and that was proven yet again over the weekend when a horrible meme hit the web sparked by Ronda Rousey’s recent loss to Holly Holm.

Just minutes after Rousey got knocked out by the veteran boxer, memes started circling the net. But one in particular, which was also shared by 50 Cent, pokes fun at the Bill Cosby rape scandal.

In the photo, Cosby can be seen on the phone asking the receiver: “Hello? Can you please tell me what room Ronda Rousey is in? And if she is still asleep?”

But while the meme served as entertainment for folks on social media, we wonder: Was it the joke too insensitive?

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It was recently reported that several more of the dozens of women who came forward claiming that the comedian drugged and or sexually assaulted them over the past three to four decades, have joined the federal defamation lawsuit against the comedian. This all after Cosby and his law team denied many of the allegations, calling the women liars.

Click below for more of the Ronda Rousey memes:

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