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Is it appropriate to call the President of the United States sexy? If not … we have to go against all rules and proclaim it! He. Is. Sexy.

Our nation’s leader graces the cover of GQ’s Men of the Year issue and looks incredibly dapper and charming in a sleek suit. Smile for the gods, Obama poses with his arms crossed, reminding us all who is in charge.

In a lengthy interview for the publication’s special 20th anniversary edition, POTUS sat down with HBO’s Bill Simmons to talk about all things Obama, including, if he could now tell himself anything in 2008, what it be?

“You’re going to be busy,” he answered. “Coming in, we were going through an unprecedented economic upheaval, combined with an upheaval in the Middle East that we hadn’t seen in our lifetimes. There was going to be a huge amount of disruption. I would probably tell myself to communicate more effectively early on than I did. We ran a great campaign. It wasn’t as great as it seems in retrospect—there’s always rose-colored glasses but there’s no doubt that we captured the country’s imagination. And somehow in those first two years, I think a certain arrogance crept in, in the sense of thinking as long as we get the policy ready, we didn’t have to sell it.”

During the interview, the 54-year-0ld also explained why he wasn’t “Obama the Person” when Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, but he was able to be “Obama the Person” with Charleston and Selma.

“You know, the challenge of Ferguson and all issues related to police shootings, race, and the criminal-justice system is that in order to actually get something done, you have to build consensus. Expressing simple outrage without follow-up is often counterproductive. In the case of Ferguson, I’m the attorney general’s boss. If I chime in with a strong opinion about what’s happened, not only do I stand to potentially damage subsequent law-enforcement cases, but immediately you get blowback and backlash that may make people less open to listening. What was different in Charleston was the clarity of what happened—that allowed, I think, everybody to be open to it.”

POTUS also went on to explain that yes, he has a virtual driving range in the White House; no, a man has not come to the WH to pick up his eldest daughter for a date; yes, he would maybe want to own an NBA team; his guilty pleasure is Big Break; and that he would have loved to run against current Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

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