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A viral video about Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies has made the product a hot item at Walmart stores across the country. John Forrest Ales, a rep for the corporation, tells Yahoo that at one point their stores were selling one pie per second. If you do the math, at $3.48 a pie, you’re looking at about $1 million in sales in a 72-hour period.

The pie’s product page is also currently the most-visited food site on According to the spokesmen for Walmart, the product is selling so rapidly, manufacturers are having a hard time keeping shelves stocked.

“Friday morning, the team was working with the [sweet potato pie] supplier to see how we can keep up with the demand,” Ales said. “The supplier… was having a hard time finding [enough] sweet potatoes. So we walked down the hall to the produce department [and said,] ‘We need about 2 million pounds of California sweet potatoes!’ So that’s what we’ve been working through.”

LaBelle has already reached out to the young man in the video, praising him for his support. “She kept thanking me and she kept telling me how much she loved me. She kept telling me to be me,” James Wright said. “She was like ‘Boy, you can sang!’”

You can see James’ viral video below.

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