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Lil B, the most electrifying rapper of our generation, is not here for Russell Westbrook pretending to not know who he is. In fact, Lil B is so annoyed by the baller that he took to Twitter to bless us all with this now legendary tweet:

The comedic tweet stems from an interview Westbrook did with Complex magazine. During that chat, Russ was asked about Lil B, the famous viral rapper that voodoo cursed his teammate Kevin Durant and former teammate, James Harden. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard claimed he had never heard of the Based God, which led to him being called a sandwich.

The True Religion commercial in question can be viewed below.

Folks have already started cracking sandwich jokes in the video’s comments section. Below are some of our favorite:

“Take yo a** back to subway, sandwich boi.”

“Looking like a hot pastrami on rye.”

“Russ out here lookin like a 6 inch veggie delight”

Jokes for days. Real spit though, Russ better hope Lil B’s anger ends with sandwich jokes and not with one of those crazy voodoo curses.

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