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Jay Z’s Hilarious Reactions To Last Night’s Sorry Clippers Game



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In case you missed it, Thursday night’s Clippers versus Warriors game was incredibly depressing … for Clippers fans that is.

Chris Paul and company dominated the game, at one point leading by 23 points. But in the third quarter, last year’s champions stepped it up, closed the gap and took the lead in the second half.

But what brought tears to Clippers fans eyes was when Blake Griffin stepped out of bounds with 50 seconds to go in the game, turning the ball over. The Warriors ended up being victorious by seven points, 124 -117. Needless to say, the game left a very upset crowd.

And in the crowd of confused fans, Jay Z, who was photographed with a plethora of reactions to the emotionally charged competition.

Sporting a hoodie and pair of Timberlands, the rapper, who left Beyonce at home, sat court side at the Staples Center and was even spotted chatting with players from both squads.

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Also sitting court side, Floyd Mayweather, who rocked a black tee shirt and black leather pants. And although not seated near each other, boxer Holly Holm also made an appearance and had a little photo-op with the undefeated athlete.

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