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The public inquiry into who gave Pharrell a black eye may have just come to a close. After the “Happy” singer appeared in public earlier this week with the visible injury, a lot of people pointed fingers at Jay Z, saying Hov had put hands on his “Change Clothes” collaborator.

According to made-up sources, Hov was upset with Pharrell over some business involving Tidal.

“Jay Z and Pharrell used to be CLOSE friends and business associates, and the two planned on pattering in Jay Z’s music streaming business TIDAL. That is until Pharrell BACKED OUT OF partnering with Tidal … and instead worked out a BACK DEAL WITH APPLE,” MediaTakeOut reported.

“One industry insider told [MTO], ‘[Jay Z] took it as a slap in the face for Pharrell to do that. Especially since Pharrell was one of the main people who came up with the idea for [Tidal].'”

Hov reportedly responded to the slight by putting hands on his buddy. And if you thought that sounded ridiculous, you’re going to love the real explanation. According to TMZ, Pharrell is telling friends and associates that he and his wife Helen were “joking around in the kitchen” and a spatula “flipped up and hit him in the eye.”

Sure, bruh. We’re not exactly buying either of these stories, are you?

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