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Word on the street is that actor Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and will appear on NBC’s Today tomorrow morning to reveal the news.

NBC News confirmed that Sheen will be making a ‘revealing personal announcement’ on the program, but did not provide any additional details. The National Enquirer, who we admit is not the most trusted name in news, is reporting that Sheen recklessly had sex with dozens of women since learning of his status.

“Charlie hired escorts, and him being HIV-positive never entered these women’s minds,” a source tells the publication. “The fact is, he was playing Russian roulette with their lives, while the women were playing Russian roulette with the prospect of becoming pregnant by Sheen, and being set for life.”

The Anger Management actor was set to wed adult film star Scottine Ross, also known as Brett Rossi, but the engagement was called off in October 2014. In a video obtained by the Enquirer, Ross is reportedly seen screaming about Sheen. “You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!”

An insider tells the Enquirer, “Sheen waited over four months to inform Scottine that he was HIV positive. From the very beginning, Sheen never used protection, saying he ‘loved’ her.” If this is true, yikes.

We’ll have an update on Sheen’s announcement tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: A reliable source close to Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards tells Entertainment Tonight that Sheen contracted the disease four years ago. The source also revealed that Richards did not contract the disease, and neither did his daughters.

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