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Threatening to beat your baby’s mama’s a** is never a good look, that’s the lesson rapper Fetty Wap learned this weekend after video emerged of him doing just that.

Lezhae Zeona, mother to Fetty’s infant daughter Zaza, posted a video of herself arguing with the rapper outside a New Jersey home. “I’ma fuck you up one day,” the rapper can be heard screaming from a car at Lezhae who is standing in a yard. “Look at you, you a f*cking bum,” he continues before his baby mama returns a diss of her own. “Look at me, let me be a f*cking bum. I wasn’t a bum when you were eating my p*ssy. F*ck outta here!” she eloquently fires back.

After the video went viral, Fetty took to Twitter to explain why he was so heated:

Just days before the incident happened, Fetty’s sister took to Facebook to call out Lezhae for asking the rapper for financial assistance to help raise their child.

“Ok so vin don’t do indirect post Lezhae Zeona your complaining about what my brother don’t do but u told me yesterday he gave u money and u spent 800 of it on a new wardrobe for winter for her what happen to the rest?..u told me how u would have got an abortion if u knew you’ll be a single mother bcus she’s holding you back bcus you were an A student and full time worker U told me that if my brother thinks my mom can do a better job at raising your baby then get full custody so my mom can do it..I told u he didn’t make this baby alone and because he can financially support this baby on his own he shouldn’t have to I understand your going to school but that’s cool to go to school and not work when u don’t have kids if u have kids u do what’s best for ur kids so u either need to get a part time job and go to school part time or finish school later mothers make sacrifices for their kids we get put on the back burner for our kids you cry that ur walking with ur daughter and his girlfriend has a car here’s the thing ur a baby mother he responsibility is to Eliza not u if u want a car get a job save up and buy one he don’t have to get u anything..u told me u had no diapers or wipes but u just came from the hair salon and ur nails are done u also just got a new tattoo u was just on ig ‘flexing’ money but u in my face crying for what? Bcus my bro not there for u?! He don’t have to be there for u he only needs to be there for Zaza but since u don’t want her my family will be glad to take over ur job.”

It looks like Fetty’s sister just wants to spill all the tea, but it was Zeona to first pour a glass. During a recent interview, she revealed details of her relationship with the “1738” star and his failure to contribute child support. That’s reportedly what sent the rapper over the edge and caused him to threaten her in the video. You can see more of Lezhae after you flip the page. Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.02.35 PM

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