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Yusaf Mack, the Philadelphia boxer whose sexuality became a national headline after appearing alongside two men in Holiday Hump’n tells HipHollywood in an exclusive interview that he’s been into men since he was a teenager and is looking forward to dating someone with that XY chromosome.

Mack, who has ten children with six women, tells HipHollywood in an exclusive interview that he was fearful of being treated differently causing him to hide his homosexual desires from the world. “It was like that man in me that I didn’t want anybody to know. I’m over it now though. I’m living my life and I’m happy,” the athlete reveals us in a lengthy sit-down interview.

Holiday Hump’n, a gay porn starring the boxer, forced him to confront his sexuality, an effort he fumbled initially. Mack first stated he was drugged before appearing in the XXX flick, then admitted that tale was a lie, he was actually bisexual. In the days following the bisexual revelation, Mack upped the ante, coming out completely as a homosexual man.


The entire episode strained the former IBF champion’s family ties, particularly with his daughter. “[She] said, ‘Kill yourself. You’re an embarrassment to our family. Then she apologized and we cried. I didn’t want to hurt nobody. I didn’t want my kids to look at me different.” One person who has been supportive through the entire ordeal is Mack’s now former fiancée. “She was like, ‘You gonna be you and I’m gonna love you regardless,'” he recounted.

Now that he’s living openly with his sexuality, the boxer says he’s looking forward to exploring his options by dating a member of the transgender community.

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  1. jesseraywilliams

    January 27, 2016 at 2:16 PM

    Sad really. Yeah, I am sure the kids will get over it too. Especially when he starts bringing the trannies around. Good Lord.

  2. superwolfkin

    March 31, 2016 at 9:27 AM

    10 children by 6 women? Good lord why is everyone so afraid of condoms.

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