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Charlie Sheen Admits “‘I Am In Fact HIV Positive”



Charlie Sheen has admitted that he is HIV Positive.

After several reports and rumors, Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer on Today to discuss his diagnosis and the ripple effect it has caused in his life.

While Charlie admitted that his relationship with some “unsavory” types (read prostitutes) may have lead to him contracting the disease, he also says it was those people who took advantage of him and extorted him. Sheen also admitted that the shakedowns cost him millions!

In the candid conversation, the “Two and a Half Men” star also stated that he disclosed his status to all of his sexual partners and used protection during his escapades, with the exception of two relationships in which his partners were under the care of his doctor. The actor, who says he no longer does drugs but still drinks, has experienced depression since his diagnosis, but his doctor maintains that Charlie is very healthy with undetectable levels of the disease in his system.

While looking to accomplish several things with this revealing interview, Charlie’s main objectives were to stop the shakedowns and help spread awareness about the disease. It remains to be seen if his goals are accomplished.

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